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We are used to seeing provocative and sexual images by male photographers, who often get accused of being sexist and exploitive of the young women and men they shoot. So it is refreshing to find out that women can do that too! Let me introduce you to the sinfully delicious work of photographer Diana Scheunemann. What I like about her photography is that it does not discriminate, it exploits both men and women equally. Check out a selection of her work below and visit her site for a whole lot more.

“Diana Scheunemann's photography has captured my imagination in a way that is both creatively inspiring and intellectually thought-provoking. Her particular brand of erotic imagery is so glaringly ambiguous that for me, it raises as many questions as it answers,” explains famed photographer Rankin. “Her work is neither homoerotic nor traditionally pornographic and she succeeds in presenting her subjects both honestly and artistically, whilst managing to avoid all the conventions of gender bias that are typically found in erotic photography.”

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Supermodels Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bundchen, and Daria Werbowy are featured on six alternative covers of V59.[x1Kvcs4kEqy72c1v3uHiopqGo1_500.jpg][Harmis+Tyce.jpg][Naturollers+Back.jpg][Wooding+Weeds.jpg][Lifes+Furtives.jpg][IMG_0948a.jpg][_MG_0463a-sm.jpg][IMG_3457a-sm-726696.jpg][Cnv0084.jpg][photo-8.jpg]

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